Promoting, restoring and maintaining health through Osteopathic Manual Therapy

  • *Do you have achy muscles and joints? ...Yes!
  • *Is your back, neck or shoulder pain just not going away? ...Not at all!
  • *Sometimes feel more like you're 80 instead of just 45? ...All the time!
  • *Looking for a health care practitioner that understand your body’s needs? ...I am now!
  • *Do you ever hear yourself saying "Getting old sucks!"? ...Preaching to the choir...

  • You Matter! (Getting Old Doesn't Have to Suck)

    You deserve a health and wellness practitioner that will take the time to understand you, and your health concerns. Not only will I listen to and respect you, I will empower you to improve the quality of your life by teaching you techniques that you can incorporate now, for a healthier you in the future.

Jodi DiGiuseppe RMT, DOMTP, MRO |


I have been working with Jodi for a few years now. Working on a computer all day and doing a lot of dog walking, I was experiencing shoulder, upper back and hip issues, plus the usual aches and pains of everyday life. Through having Osteopathic treatment with Jodi, these issues have dramatically improved and I can see real changes in my body and how I feel. Jodi has given me advice on stretching and exercises to do for my shoulders and hips to help with muscle aches and tightness and information on correct posture and proper sitting while working at the computer. I know I am really benefiting from these treatments and I believe it is helping me maintain good health and physical well being.

Sharon, London, ON

For me, the best thing about Jodi’s treatments is her holistic approach. For example, I went to her once about a pain in my shoulder. By the end of the session she had determined that my shoulder wasn’t the problem, it was just reflecting a bigger issue in my neck. Jodi advised I see my doctor and it turned out I had two degenerate discs in my neck. So it is her “big picture” approach, as well as the relief I get from her treatments, that keeps me coming back.

M.B., London, ON

I have been seeing Jodi for almost 20 years. She has been there for me, helping me through all the usual aches and pains of life, but also through a critical health episode. She is professional, extremely knowledgeable about her field, and truly cares about her patients. Jodi is an integral part of my health maintenance program.

V.P. London, ON

I have been going to Jodi for well over 10 years and have always found her to genuinely care about my health and comfort and what she can do to help. Over the years Jodi has seen me through many health issues and greatly reduced my pain and discomfort with her technique and knowledge. I can’t say enough great things about her and how wonderful she is at what she does. She has reduced my pain and helped improve the quality of my life!

Shauna, London, ON

I started working with Jodi after a referral from a colleague about 4 or 5 years ago and have never been more satisfied since. I have been receiving massage therapy for the past 11 years and have experienced over a dozen RMT’s but none have helped to the extent of Jodi’s services or have even come close to comparing to her excellent care. I train on a regular basis and often endure a lot of stress but after every single one of Jodi’s treatments I feel so incredible. I have also really appreciated the osteopathic treatments just as much if not more than the massage therapy. Her hands are like magic and I am willing to follow her to any new location and am also willing to drive across the city for her amazing services.

D.C. London, ON

I have been seeing Jodi for over 15 years. Jodi is always caring, compassionate and professional. I look forward to my appointments with Jodi as she always knows exactly what I need to relieve my stress and strain.

N.V. London, ON

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